September 26

lattuce wraps


i got this idea from my teacher. its very easy and healthy.


  • 250 g ground chicken (you can use any ground meat or corned tuna)
  • onion (minced)
  • garlic (minced)
  • 250 g frozen mixed vegetables (or 1 carrot, a can of corn & green peas. minced them all together)
  • iceberg lettuce (washed and carefully separate each leaf)
  • 1 tbsp olive oil (vegetable oil will do)
  • 2 c of water
  • salt & pepper

 Stuff you will need:

  • strainer
  • pan
  • wooden spatula
  • bowl
  • plates
  • spoon
  • chopping board
  • knife


  1. pour water into the pan. put the ground chicken. and add some salt. boil for couple of minutes. if your using ground pork or beef it is necessary to do this. this method will separate fat from the meat. fat is delicious but not healthy.
  2. strain ground chicken just to separate water from chicken. then put in the strainer with ground meat still inside it in a bowl to drain more water out.
  3. heat the pan. pour oil and saute onion and garlic. add mixed vegetables, ground chicken, salt & pepper. mix all together. :) place in the bowl.
  4. to serve: grab a leaf of lettuce and spoon veggie & chicken inside the leaf of lettuce like the picture above.
  5.  enjoy you meal!! :)


September 26

easy hand sew pencil skirt

this step by step pictures shows you how easy to make a pencil skirt you wont need sewing machine but if you have that’s great.

you will need:

  • scissors
  • pins
  • seam ripper (if it has something to be rip like mine)
  • ruler
  • chalk (or any marker your using may do)
  • elastic
  • safety pin (you will need maybe 10)
  • thread and needle
  • a very stretchy t-shirt (thrift)

:) my t-shirt had lace in front so I’m using my seam ripper to take them off. i like the lace they are very pretty I’m keeping them i might use them in some project


here is the t-shirt and its ready for its make over (oh, yeah I’m ready)


i grab my ruler and chalk to mark straight lines in the side and upper part.  then pinned it.


cut the sides and the top. don’t cut the bottom we will be using it’s natural hem in there. it will save you time on sewing (promise).


start sewing the sides using back stitch. start at the bottom upward.


after you sew both sides fold about 1/2 (half) an inch from the top and press it with iron. this will be the casing for the elastic. my camera has ran out of power. hope you will understand my drawing.


the top end of the fabric sew it using blind stitch this will look like little dots in front since since it black nobody will notice it.

poke a safety pin in the end of the elastic band this will make your life easier (seriously) push it through the hole you left for the elastic to get in. when both ends meet sew them together. make sure before sewing the elastic it’s flat or it will be annoying when you wear it (uneven).

here is my pencil skirt.:


January 17

Fish & Chips


this recipe is an all time brit favorite :) in a serving it has 3 things crispy dory, french fries and mushy peas. my version my not be same taste as “chippy’s” but this is an easy replica of it. here’s how i do it:

preparation time: 20mins

cooking time: 1hr

serves: 2 people



*Crispy Dory*

1 big pc Cream of Dory

3pcs lemon or calamansi

5 tbsp flour

1 pc egg (beaten)

5 tbsp bread crumbs

salt and pepper to taste


*Mushy Peas*

2 cans green peas

1 c water

1 tbsp Butter (i use garlic butter taste better :) )

salt and pepper to taste


*French Fries*

300 g potato fries

250ml oil


thins you need:

2 frying pan

6 plates

1 bowl


fork & spoon

kitchen towel/paper




1. cut cream dory in 2 pcs  then marinate  in lemon or calamansi, salt and pepper. set aside.

2. put 2 cans of green peas in a pan with a cup of water, a dash of salt and pepper to taste. boil for several minutes (5-10 minutes) until peas is soft.

3. using a shifter. drain green peas. when the water is all drained out put in a plate.

4. mush soft peas using a fork. then add the butter. mix

5. heat oil in a pan and get ready for frying. :)

6. divide the potatoes in 3 batch. fry 1 batch at a time to avoid over crowding the pot. fry fries about 2-3 minutes each batch

7. ready a kitchen towel and place the fried fries to soak up all the excess oil.

8. place flour, beaten egg and bread crumbs in different plates.

9. heat the oil you use to fry the fries

10. get your fish and do the FEB method (flour egg bread crumbs) then submerge in very hot oil.

11. ready a kitchen towel.

12. when the fish turns golden brown take it out from the oil and place on a ready kitchen towel to soak up excess oil.

13. get a clean plate.  place the fish, a heap of fries and 3 spoonful of mushy peas. add a spoon of fruity sauce on top or  ketchup.

and there you have it. the famous British Fish & Chips.




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December 9

easy wall art #2 sequins sunburst


yes the picture you see is my goal to remake. i agree its beautiful and would be nice for your living room, bed room or where ever room hahaha :) to fill empty wall space and give life to it

believe it or not this wall art is easy. I am very lazy and i like things easy yet classy

this will be the things you will need:

PART 1IMG_20141023_080601

2 card board



red pen

container lid (must be smaller than the mirror)

round mirror

hook (?)

paper glue

masking tape

sequins (any color)



white paint

paint brush

zip ties


1 pc nail


super glue

glue gun and glue stick


1. i start by drawing a line across using the width of my ruler (because i’m lazy to measure)


2. i cut 1 strip and roll it until i got 3 layers. i clip to hold it together and mark the inside were the strip end with black markerIMG_20141023_082033

and mark the ourtside too were it end with red marker (i was using red pen here and its not visible in my camera so i use black marker instead)


3. then i release the clip. place the strip with the whole card board and trace the marked line (each mark on the strip has different length) i turn the strip around and the card board as well then trace the marked line from the strip. (to determine if the mark is for the inside or outside use different color of pen/ marker)

IMG_20141023_082222 IMG_20141023_082238



4. i cut all the strip


5. im preparing the masking tape


6. i place the end of the strip on the black mark and taped it.


7. i roll until i reach the other marked line then tape. in this way i’ll make sure those circle are same diameter.


8. i made 3 different sizes. those step above is the meduim size circle. so to make large circle. instead of rolling the strip into 3 layers just roll it only to 2 layers then mark like in the step 2. the strip i use for th large circle is same as the length of medium circle.


9. for the small circle i use the width (the shorter part) of the cardboar rather than the length (longer part) which is the length of the medium circle. i just repeat same thing from step 1 to step7


10. the circle shape of the sunburst above doesn’t make me excited so i plan a different thing so  i decided to make it like this


11. i start taping the inside part first.


12. i did not tape them all in one go because i want to paint them in and out and also it will be difficult to paint the edges if they are all taped. i put a medium size circle in the center to stable the container lid in place.


13. after taping them in place. i started to paint them all in white (my favorite color)


14. waiting  for it to dry.


15. using the marker i made dots where i want the hole to be for the zip ties. i use the pliers to hold the nail while im heating it in the stove and i push the hot nail through the marked dots. when the nail holes are not hot anymore. i grabed a zip tie push it through the nail hole and lock. then cut off the tails. i did this to secure that the sunburst wont fall. after that i make a hole for the hook.


16. i arrange the circle to my plan shape then tape them together. good thing the masking tape is white so  it wont be noticeable and no need for painting again.

17. i start tracing the shape of the circle with paper glue and one by one placing the sequins. i was very careful not to touch the dry or still wet sequins.they just so easy to snap from the glue. (test your gentlness an patience) i started gluing and placing sequins from the center then out.


18. my partner drill a hole in the wall where i want the sunburst be. and put a screw.

19. so this is my sequins sunburst and  its 31inches tall


another happy wall in my house :)



November 30

kusudama money box

this kusudama was folded by V. Menayeva

for this kusudama you will need to fold 60 pcs :) of square

first piece


i like folding when i got nothing to do or I’m bored. this is really good time consumer

5 pieces


i get excited with how mine would look like or if will look exactly same as the video or diagram

10 pieces


kusudama look like alien planets when hang. or Christmas decor they look good in all season very nice ornament to make a boring room alive

30 pieces


at this stage i ran out of paper i did not realize that this kusudama needed 60 pcs to complete so I have to go to same department store to but exactly same paper. same thickness and texture

60 pieces


at last its finished. every time i finished one all the folding sore disappear they are so beautiful. here is a youtube video on how to fold moneybox by V. Menayeva.